Welcome to the tranSTUDIO.  Negar Kalantar has designed and been offering the tranSTUDIO from 2014 in different universities; Virginia Tech, Texas A&M and California College of the Arts.

tranSTUDIO involves (1) issues regarding and methods for interrogating digital platforms within the context of innovative building skins that are transformable and which demonstrate real-time morphological changes in architecture; (2) an interdisciplinary team approach geared toward encouraging students to engage with emerging digital tools relating to adaptable architecture and design; (3) conversations between computer-controlled tools and design assumptions which are based on such tools; (4) the principles, theories and applications that govern creative thought processes from the formation of motion through the creation of the physical environment; (5) clarifications of both a fundamental base and practical knowledge of transformable systems/strategies in large and small building components; (6) explanations of the capabilities and limitations of transformable architecture; and (7) harness the inherent properties of smart materials to explore the development of self-regulating and building skins.


If you are interested in working with tranSTUDIO please contact us regarding opportunities to work together collaboratively.


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