tranSTUDIO 2020

tranSTUDIO a studio in development since 2014, explores adaptability in architecture and transformable space in ways that enable students to gain a greater understanding of the complex issues that comprise their future professional evolution. tranSTUDIO embraces two pedagogies: Pedagogy of Motion and Pedagogy of Computational Craft.  Dr. Negar Kalantar is offering the tranSTUDIO 2020 at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

tranSTUDIO | Adaptive Thought, Design, and Fabrication (Materiality and Space 4) is an interdisciplinary and innovative design laboratory at California College of the Arts. tranSTUDIO 2020 is partially funded by an Autodesk Technology Center Grant with support of the Autodesk Residency Program in San Francisco Technology Center. Participating in this Residency Program has been a part of the studio for Spring 2020, and 20 students from the Architecture division of CCA work on two design research projects:

Project 1 – Material-Informed Design: Transformation of 2D to 3D by 3D printing on Fabric

Project 2 -Light Amplifier: An Architectural Mediator for the dynamic control of light

If you are interested in working with tranSTUDIO please contact us regarding opportunities to work together collaboratively.


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